MAMA OSARO GOES KINKY ….to save her marriage

BY ENA OFUGARA Mama Osaro goes to meet the DHL delivery man as he delivers the box. She had prayed for her husband not to be around when the box was delivered. How could she explain to him what was inside? So with her heart racing, she grabs the box and shuts the door and […]

Why justice eludes rape victims

– ERELU BISI FAYEMI Ninety-five per cent of rape cases suffer from diligent prosecution, while perpetrators walk free, because of lack of watertight forensic and physical evidence. The situation is worsened by dearth of forensic laboratories in the country. Wife of Ekiti State Governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, stated this when she led members of the […]

How Do I Handle a Difficult Wife?

““Let me confess that I don’t have any concubine and she has never caught me with any woman. As a matter of fact, neither my mother nor any of my sisters ever talked to me about my daughters, who they adore”

The Mathematics of Life – You Can’t Have it All

“For the fact that someone is in penury now does not mean that he/she is going to be rich tomorrow, there are some people that would be poor till death, life is unpredictable, being in affluence today does not mean you will live in opulence till death”

Communication line in relationships

Communication is the lifeline of marriage. From the beginning to the end, it determines the potential of every area of a relationship. Whether it is money, children, romance, sex or household chores, being able to openly and successfully talk things over is crucial to marital harmony. Of course, just as in other areas, men and […]


Why are you leaving me? This is a question many people have said, while some are hitching to say it. It is amazing most times we do not receive a clear, concise answer, and sometimes it is tactfully dodged. Several partners dilly dally on it, they recite a break up reason which has been practiced […]

Is fighting part of relationship?

(Whenever you fight, fight fairly) Adejoke got married to the love of her life after seven years of courtship. The marriage was a huge celebration, in fact, friends and family were all happy because they eventually got married. Barely a month into the marriage, Adejoke paid me a visit and after talking for a while, […]

How do I know if I married the right person?

Sometimes ago a lady once asked me a question. “She said, “How do I know I married the right person?” I looked at her; I said “it depends.” I use to know a quotation, by Sheri and Bob Stritof “I did not always think he was not right nor did he always think I was […]