There is a new fever in town! And no, it is neither Ebola – the deadly scare of the moment – nor lassa fever. Rather it is Dorobucci fever.


In what was first used as Instagram and twitter hashtags by none other than the irrepressible, mega-talented, super-producer Don Jazzy, Dorobucci ‘the catchphrase’ became an instant social media hit, captivating the senses and appeal of Nigerians, despite the fact that then no one knew the meaning of the word.  Further momentum was gained when Dorobucci ‘the song’, was released, and since then it has hit more than 12 million downloads. Old men and women tastefully rock the song like oldies; parents use the prefix ‘Doro’ in naming their children; the youths drool over the song like bees on honey; and not to forget the kids who can sing Dorobucci from start to finish without breaking a sweat.  Saying that Dorobucci is the unofficial national anthem of Nigeria is akin to saying that the earth is spherical.


Even the continent, and the globe, has caught the Dorobucci bug, which is spreading like wild fire. From nightclubs in Accra to beer huts by the beach in Togo, from neighbourhoods in South Africa to public centres in Nairobi, Dorobucci is topping the charts.


Mavins Dorobucci

Mavins Dorobucci

The delirium and anticipation that preceded Dorobucci ‘the video’ was fever pitch: the internet stratosphere was inundated with interesting and comical video versions of Dorobucci, and the countdown to the video premiere was like football fans eagerly awaiting the final whistle of the referee in a world cup final match.


Toni Kan of This Day aptly comments inter alia: “On the surface, as with most Don Jazzy produced songs, Dorobucci sounds like something you would hear from inebriated kegites on a lazy Friday night but the difference is that while the melody might sound commonplace, Don Jazzy has sprinkled his sound and song with the revitalizing ash of novelty thus elevating this simple ditty into a national anthem”.


While our hips vibrate to the unique beats and our ears tingle to the sweet melody of the song, ours minds have not come short to marvel by the sheer ingenuity that gave womb to Dorobucci. It couldn’t have come from anyone else but Don Jazzy himself, who is also credited with introducing similar inconceivable and bizzare-cum phenomenal catchphrases, such as Eminado and Kokolet, into the musical lexicon. While the former has been explained as “Goodluck”, the latter is still being given contextual definitions. And don’t bother to look up these words in the dictionary.


Don Jazzy needs no introduction nor does his inimitable creativity, evidenced by the countless hits under his craftmanship. What perhaps need a little tweaking on his rich CV is a new personage: “Don Jazzy ‘the recording artiste’, athough one he would rather not acknowledge himself to be.


We are accustomed to the creative side of Don Jazzy ‘the producer’, and even the unique voice that makes all the difference of Don Jazzy ‘the back-up singer’, but few people would be prepared for the stunning performance of Don Jazzy ‘the recording artiste’ in Dorobucci. He was immarculate and perfect; masterful of his gift and in complete control, charismatic as ever, a mantra of sort.


Recording works released during the Mo’hits era, it could be recalled, all had imprints of his top-notch production skills and trademark voice. They include: Tongolo, Gbono Feli, Suddenly, Mr. Endowed, Oliver Twist (D’banj); Bumper 2 Bumper, Who Born the Maga, Rotate, The Kick (Wande Coal); Pop Something, Over the Moon, Surulere (Dr. Sid); Omoba, Give it to me, Goody Bag Take Banana (D’Prince); Eminado (Tiwa Savage); Wind am Well (Ikechukwu aka Killz); Asewo (Naeto C); Ijoya (Weird MC), and many more.  As if these hits were only warning shots of his artistry as a recording artiste, Don Jazzy laid yet another marker in ‘Babyface’ which he released under compelling circumstances on 5th November, 2013. But Dorobucci will be fondly remembered as his boldest imprint so far. Even the harshest of critics would agree no less.


Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy

Shortly after the Mo’hits split, a lamentable Don Jazzy tweeted: Rumours you have all heard recently are sad but true. The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music y’all love to dance to. And true to that promise he’s kept every inch of the word with the release of Dorobucci.


Joey Akan, a writer for Pulse, says that “in the mid-tempo feel-good song, Don Jazzy gave us the fatherly feel, Reekado Banks took us on a chorus of some sort. Tiwa Savage made us hit certain notes. Dr Sid established proceedings, with a reminder of his ‘Siductive’ delivery. Korede Bello, found joy and unrestrictive happiness in this song. Dija played safe, (and D’Prince was in his elements)”. Emphasis mine.


Africa, and indeed the world, is grappling with the current health challenges of the deadly Ebola virus and lassa fever. But we need not be scared of the Dorobucci fever because Don Jazzy has assured that it is “fun, cool, awesome, or fantastic”.

By Da Epic Pen

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  1. The song is cool. . .lyk cwiouzly i’m obsessed wit it.I lyk all d mavin starz nd i want 2 wish dem success in deir endeavourz. . . I jxt wish i ws lyk dem [lolzz]

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