Whichlevelz Rythmic Rymes And Flows

Whichlevelz Rythmic Rymes And Flows

Seun Owolabi

Whichlevelz Shinpaka

Born Owolabi Oluwaseun Richards in London,UK. Whichlevelz is the definition of the raw ghetto beauty. He’s blessed with a structure that stands side by side with nature. A not too big size, but large with so much creative endowments in music and entertainment.

His versatility spans wide which ranks Whichlevelz as a perfect piece of art in all spheres of art.   His style epitomizes the rare beauty in the ugly realities that exist in the society. Endowed with an appearance which shows a direct contrast of what his versatility and wit in music can achieve.
Parents decided to move him down so he could familiarise with relations and family members Whichlevelz completed both Primary and High school in Ondo State, he proceeded to the University of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State where he Studied Sociology.

Here, he cultivated the habit of rhyming although it would not show forth until  he did a duet with Lord of Ajasa, titled OTIYA  in 2001 produced by the ace producer ID Cabasa it became an instant hit but as it is the name Whichlevelz was not too pronounced.

Although he wasn’t known, due to the fact that there was not enough finances to promote self and stuffs, Whichlevelz made endless contacts and began to push a serious movement.

The absence of good record labels around his hood, to promote unadulterated Hiphop/Urban Folk Music music/Contemporary World Music, has however not jeopardized this world- class musician’s ambition to impact the society positively as soon as he breaks through every limiting wall.

His versatility in delivery, has been inspired from all great musicians from home and abroad but he can be described as a man overflowing with music and melodies that deal with the more harmonious aspects of life and living he has been showcasing as a music star, since he was eight years old he was an active member of a fifteen- man orchestra band as the lead singer don’t be surprised however that he can read to some extent, music notes the group performed together at major landmark events for about five years till they broke up at the dawn of the millennium.
This creative and artistic entertainer, endowed with good songwriting skills, has over 200 personal compositions and still counting, condemns those who try to copy and imitate without paying homage and respect to the origin of this culture.

Whichlevelz  grew up listening to the likes of Beethoven, Tupac Shakur, BIGG, Wyclef Jean, King Sunny Ade, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, Barry White, Don Carlos, Robert Nester Marley,  other favorite artists include Supercat, Orlando Owoh, Wayne Wonder, Shaggy, Barrington Levy, Akon, Lauryn Hill, Boys 2 Men. These musical influences, along with Whichlevelz’s style, have merged, to create a unique career for him.

Currently with STINGOMANIA RECORDS, his management company. They have been responsible for his breathtaking live performances and showcases. In order to establish and navigate his career properly, they have continued to explore avenues that will expose him to his waiting fans internationally. He is not one of those artists ready to join the queue the truth is; he has created a queue for others to join in the world of creativity. With a couple of EVERGREEN songs like Yejide, Am Sorry, Thank God, Happy Birthday, CHAMPION, Shinpaka, Money Man, Wayo, No Vacancy,among others, hes also featured on several songs and more are still coming.

He did the theme song for the Project Roll Out Malaria Out of Africa titled Malaria Na Killer, this track is dedicated to Africa, To every ghetto, every city all over the world. The beauty, the struggles, the joy, the pains, the reality, of life the influences and experiences gained while sacrificing so much in the industry, a former Coded Tune founding member is waiting to be unveiled by this thoroughbred WHICHLEVELZ; with his massive skills, to heal and entertain the streets with hits, we can only get in the mood to move and groove.

Whichlevelz is the African Ambassador of Urban Folk Music. His debut album entitled ”NO VACANCY” waits to be digested by his ever growing fans who are endlessly demanding to see more of Whichlevelz rythmic rymes and flows.


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