Owelle Rochas Okorocha vs Ikedi Ohakim

It is no news that the philanthropist and politician

Rochas Okorocha and Ikedi Ohakim

Rochas Okorocha

Rochas Okorocha is the winner of the gubernatorial election held in Imo State of Nigeria. This showcases the will of the people in the state. The incumbent Governor Ikedi Ohakim who lost the election seems to be out of favour in the state.

In the campaign rally where the president represented by the first lady and the Minister of Interior attended was targeted at women in the state. The first lady used words that depict that the governor has stepped on toes. These words were repeatly used “lets forget about the past, vote Ohakim”. If these words are anything to go by, then there are questions to be asked about the past.

Dissecting these words and looking at the citizens that attended the rally, one would say that the words were used to appeal to the women mainly market women and business women who dominated the rally to come out and vote for the incumbent governor. Since women have a way of soothing a man’s ego, they could possibly pacify their husband and persuade them to vote for Ohakim.

The loss of the Incumbent governor speaks volume about is leadership style and ability. He has lost so many virture of a true leader. His activities, actions, roles and politics was not acceptable to the people. Been a candidate of the ruling party the PDP is not enough to get an automatic seat, not even the anymore in the country. Except his is considered for an appointment at the Federal Level.

Former Governor of Lagos State Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu alongside the Incumbent Governor of Lagos state Raji Fashola has demonstrated that oppositions could do well if elected that is why it will be easy for Owelle Rochas Okorocha who has the people at heart to win easily though he is contested under APGA. A man known for has a philanthropist and goodwill has set his path towards winning the election long before he contested the election.

This is a case to look at for future leaders and those who a walking long the path to greatness. Remembering the saying “he that is down need fear no fall and he that is up need no cry”. However due diligence is needed in both instances.


  1. Look God is not blind and he is nt deaf ,he has heard the cry of his people whether authocratic or nt Imo is on the Rescue mission,the house has been dedicated to God.No sabotage,No misleading and No illicit and vulgar words.God of Rescue mission,we thank uoooooo

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  3. mbaka joy says:

    Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha, I just want to say ,thank you and may the good work that you have start should continue and also progress having been one of your ex-student who graduated from your school( Rochas Foundation College Ibadan) in the year 2011 in Ibadan

    Mbaka Joy

  4. you are truely the moses to ur generations, sir, i love ur determination to rescue imo state from illitracy and undevelmopment. sir, am Jasper and am a producer in Nollywood, pls i need sponsorship on a movie i have on febuary 2013. Tittled: THE HIDDENS, my E mail adress is evangelistchinasa_miracle@yahoo.com. Hoping to recieve ur reply.

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