this are the kind of pple dt really worth mentionin in dis country i hope they really apreciate it.

  2. olumide ogunkua says:

    the likes of Tuface do not fit into the class of eminent leaders. though his musical talent is not in doubt, he is not a role model for the upcoming youths no thanks to his harem of ladies who bore him children. in as much i know that it is a personal thing, when you are a public figure, there is a minimum of integrity and moral standard that is expected of u. also. what has ms Genevive Nnaji contributed to Nollywood that Mercy Johnson has not done better.

  3. Joye Rufus says:

    @ Olumide, Tu face is eminent today in his position as a leader in his own right. With the array of his lyrical and showmanship talents amidst the ocean of other talented artists , he has laid claim to his leadership role. Even though he stands up to being responsible for the children he has, i believe his personal issues are his personal issues. Therefore let him alone on that………..tell me haven’t we done things that one is not proud of?….His life’s issues are in the public because he is “star”……what about a lot of dirty secrets that lurks in the dark corners of “our” pasts and minds?…. Answer these questions honestly…..!

  4. olumide ogunkua says:

    joye, i quite agree with your comment but the issue is that the mere fact that he is a “star” is enough to curb his libido. an eminent person ought to be a shining example for younger ones. he who come to equity table must come with clean hand. giving awards to people in other climes goes beyond ‘his lyrical and showmanship talents’, you must be seen to have exhibited a high moral standard. Tiger Woods is now counting losses of his super libido. was it not his ‘personal issues’? he who lives in a glass house must not throw stones

  5. PRINCE ADETULE, writes from USA says:

    Congratulations to all the recipients particulary YETUNDE A. ODUGBESAN. She makes waves in the USA. She was not too long appointed by my energetic and inspiring City of Newark Mayor, Cory Booker. I love you guys and God will continually bless you.

    Prince Adetule writes from USA

  6. onuoha samuel ikechukwu says:

    Comment is to let the office about this

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