1. akajiofor chikaodinaka peace says:

    In fact Mummy Ng you deserve kudos for your wonderful work well done globally.Mummy people like us need you back to make more impact to this nation especially in our dying educational sector.M.ummy we love

  2. emmanuel kizito says:

    First, I must commend Ufor ur good work as a minister of d federal Rebulic of Nigeria & for showcasin dat wht men can do, women can do it better! Thanks 4 makin African women proud.

  3. Evangelist A.O. Oluwatomisin says:

    Hello mumy, you are wonderfuly and fearfuly made. May the almighty God be with you in all your undertakings, God will guilde and direct you in all your ways amen. Kept it up ma. God bless you.

  4. Gbenga Alli says:

    Hi, mum u are welcome back to nigeria,we really appreciate your effort to upheld nigeria and africa at large to world economy standard years back, mum we believe you can do better pls do it again…you are welcome

  5. Ededem Asuakak says:

    the change that we need in Nigerian need people like you,pls accept the call,God bless you

  6. IYKE-MONTEE says:

    Mummy Ng. U are such a wonderfull woman, a woman of substance, a woman with intellectual ability, u have really proving to African,s Nigerian,s more especially that we must accept our child in good fate no matter the gender. More greace to ur elbow maa…

  7. David Remi OBADEYI says:

    I can’t agree less that you are wonderfully made. The good work you put in place in moving the country out of debtor nation just four years ago has been basterdized. Nigeria is now owing more than $30b. Not only that, the reforms you started before leaving Federal Ministry of Finance has been truncated. Please, come back and complete the good work from where you stopped. You are blessed in Jesus’ name.

  8. ekweanua h ikenna says:

    mrs okonjo,you are my role model,my aspiration is becoming like you…so help me God.

  9. Odey George says:

    Mummy u are the greatest in the world afta my mum.u have done great for nigerian and i still believe have a lot to offer pls dn’t deprieve us of it.pls !pls pls mummy i was made to understand that u have a daughter,if is possible i would luv to marry your daughter so we can have genuis like urself.i m very intelligent myself(i m not blowing my trumpet). Ma giv ur best us at the ministerial level.

  10. umewenike chukwueloka says:

    mummy keep it ,i want to be like

  11. Kayode Ajibola says:

    You are a such wonderful woman, Pls do not be discourage we need you, Nigeria “s” need you. Let us join our hands together and lift Nigeria and make Nigeria among the top 10 best country in the WORLD.
    Welcome back home

  12. Eunice Onuoha says:

    Honestly, you are truely a woman of intergrity, you are a herorine, I cheerish you, you are my mentor and God bless you more. Keep it up.

  13. Awo Ogim Jr. says:

    Mrs. Iweala is a model women folks should emulate. I appreciate your desire to serve Nigeria. I am proud of you.

  14. Maurice Lawrence says:

    Mother of modern day generation you indeed an icon to be recognize serve u nation with ur heart they are afraid bcos with u there is no room 4 them to loot. never mind them God is with u.

  15. sandra ugwuoke says:

    Ur a supper mummy and am proud to have you has my mentor!… May God continue to guide you Jesus name-Amen

  16. olatuji lanre says:

    Ur profile as made me not to limit my self. U are my role model and a core mother indeed


    Mumy, i thank God first for creating you. I also thank God for the determination you took before God making you a great Mumy. Infact you are woman of integrety for the contributions made to our nation Nigeria on the aspect of finance. Mumy with all these achievements and contributions, i thing after president Goodluck Jonathan 2nd term as President u should go for that SEAT to help our country. I pray long life for u.



  20. Brenda Abankwah says:

    Amazing!I am a Ghanaian Mum Honestly, you are a woman of intergrity and with uncommon intellectual ability.It is wonderful how God has invested alot of potentials in you with all this achievement you are as well successful even in the home; it is said one can never have it all but it seems to me you are truely blessed in all spheres of life.I bless God for who you are and for what He has made you to be,I also salute your lovely Husband the Surgeon for his contributions and support in helping make an uncommon successful woman out of your life and also bless God for your Children for their Support as well.I pray for Grace and Strength for you God bless you Amen.


    May the Almighty God continue to give you the strength and​the inspiration to serve our country Nigeria so as to make our nation a great nation. I love you and God loves you most.

  22. Isaac sunday says:

    Mummy ur impact has changed d world, ur effort has confederated Africa, ur good work has comforted Nigerian, mama, truely u an agent of positive change

  23. utomi christopher onyejeboliseh says:

    mummy Ng, u have made indeed a remarkable achievement.More greeze to ur elbow… I and the entire indigenes of Ogwashi-Uku are proud of you, but why must you say 70 percent of nigerians are trekkers???????

  24. prophet iyke martin njoku says:

    shalom mum. you have brought great change to nigeria and world economy. keep on doing good mostly on the oil subsidy regardless of the enemies ungrateful acts. 08089750548. God bless you.

  25. Njoku Ejike says:

    It is quit unfortunate that most nigerians do’nt know what this fuel subsidy is, if they have known they will come to thank God for making you a nigerian.

  26. faith taiwo says:

    mum u are wonderful made from GOD, THANK 4 THE WORK U ARE DOING, MY God wll see u thru,im the next person to be like u.

  27. Dasong or Godswill Okorie adika says:

    Your excellency ma, grate smiles on my face, right from d first day I bow my face 2 read your awesome profile, it gives me a positive challenge to work harder so I will also materialize my dreams just like u, any way, my e-mail is, Or 08167181661.

  28. Henry Ogbini says:

    You are a respected african;please go on with ur economic reform to transform nigeria and africa as a whole,i am in support of you.

  29. kamal okunade says:

    mummy,the money is too much for you,please don’t accept it from the government anymore okay because the masses are suffering

  30. Loveth Moses says:

    God in heaven will keep filling you with wisdom to achieve greater height. You are an inspiration to many. Am so inspired by your achievements. You are my role model ma.

  31. Engr pc nna says:

    Hello mum i hope u’ll not be discouraged by the way nigerians reacted to the fuel subsidy issues,pls its due to direct effect it has on d poor masses. we know u meant well for us.pls mummy as d finance minister pls try & make sure that d subsidy proceeds are well used for the wellbeing of poor nigerians. thanks&more grease to ur elbo.

  32. Henry Ebuka says:

    Hi mummy Ng,Kudos, More powers to your elbows towards the good work/plans you have for our youths/country Nigeria. God bless you. Infact, I would have loved you to be my mother inlaw.

  33. Edeh Victor says:

    My prayer 4 u goes thus:you will not die a day b4 ur death.u wil liv long 2 take Nigerians 2 a greater height.i vowed dat if u resign as a minister,i wil denounce my citizenship as a Nigerian.

  34. Barr. Amah E. I says:

    Mummy i have just perused your starlike profile. Infact nigeria needs more of u. Pls never forsake ur dear country. I am proud of u.

  35. steve okoyeagu says:

    mum,i use to wonder how you were created.they said that what a man will b is the hand of God.God have made u a mother,not only to ur children bt also to me,nigeria,african and d world.i thank God for ur life.

  36. Barr. Mike Ndu says:

    Big mummy, your dossier is a big challenge to the young ones like us and it is my desire to emulate you. I therefore, urge you to do the best you can to revive the economy of this our country Nigeria. Bravo! Nwanyi oma, we appreciate you greatly, particularly for initiating the YouWin programme. Thanks a million.

  37. I hav neva bin dis inspired. U ar my role model, a rare gem. Am lucky 2 witness ur impactz on d world Economy. I promis u dat i’ll becom Nigerian’s next Ngozi Okonjo, so dat u wil surely kn hw much legacy u’ve laid!

  38. Ojiabo, U.A says:

    your profile is amazing mam! I read about your contributions towards establishment and running of the african university of science and technology abuja (AUST) and have been wishing to plead with you to propose a department for economic analysis of law just like the EMLE (European Master in Law and economics)programme of Erasmus Mundus. i secured a place at the EMLE 2012 -2013 session but the funds requirement is enormous. it would have been different if we have our brand down here or if such interface of research is done in any nigerian University. thanks.

  39. abraham isaiah says:

    mummy you have done a great thing for africa we love you

  40. Familola Temidayo says:

    You have made Nigeria and indeed the whole of Africa proud! Kudos 2u ma.

  41. I loved u even bf i read abt u,and nw am going gaga for u.u’ve bin n will still remain ma role model.i admire everytin abt u,n wish dat 1day i’ll b greater than u!!!it gvs me joy dat we are mnth mates and frm same state.i luv n hp 2 b lyk u 1 day.

  42. GO! GO! GO! World Bank Presidency is not a bad one for you. You are over qualified for it and will be outmost desire of every black woman to see you there. Move -on ,the sky is meant for your likes. I join millions in praying for that to come to past.


    Dr Ngozi, you are indeed an amazon! A woman with a difference. The cap of the World Bank president fits u, so go ahead and wear it. Nigerians love you. Iam proud of you. You are my role model!

  44. May almighty God bless nigeria and okonjo will make it at the world bank and our image will vehemently be reputed up.
    Dr Hassan Yakubu

  45. nwoji emmanuel I. says:

    Hi my minister, you will surely become the world bank president.but. Ask God for divine direction

  46. Abdulafeez says:

    I love u mummy!I appreciate ur contribution toward the eradication of corruptions in politics sector,Nigeria.Tanks u Ma.Pls,ma,neva lose hope on ur dream bcos u will soon get there.Don’t let d result of yesterday 2 discourage u from dreaming BIG u ar d mirror of Africa’s youth!

  47. Am jeolous, you are very fortunate Ma! Anytime i read ur biography, i shed tears in my heart..i realy COMMEND your efforts. I dream to be a Minister like u someday. Pls also help d youths to hav a good foundation lik u. Thanks and i pray that d bad eggs in Nigeria wil never spoil your reputation.

  48. chinakagabriel says:

    Infact i was agap after ur profile mumm,ur dossier is realy a challenge 2 me a n2 my generation unborn, may God help me, amen.

  49. Nwosu martin O. says:

    Indeed Mum, through ur already performed duty as a renowned Economist people like us aspire 2 be lyk, i must say u truly mean good 4 our nation Nigeria. Keep it up and never relent 4 every good work done has a reword. Kudos to u mum.

  50. nchedo chinwuba says:

    indeed you’re a God sent to this generation. your dedication and hard work has really set a path for me since my childhood. studying economics presently and doing a course called ECO 214 i.e Development Economics. used to see the course as stress, but now that i’ve discovered that you studied it, and you did it well,i promise i’ll never complain about it anymore. I’LL DO IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY BECAUSE MY ROLE MODEL DID IT. thanks for the inspiration,and i know i’ll be like you my 200 level presently, a student of covenant university. love you Ma.God Bless you.


    Princess. as we the ogwashi uku indigine refer her, is a mother who listen to the cry of his or her children. although i never eat her one naira and neither did she contributed to the development of her town ogwashi uku, but i think she is doing well at the federal level. PRINCESS Ogwashi uku women are crying 4 help and i want to use this opportunity to tell u that u should assist us by establishing SKILL ACQUISITION PROGRAM ME to ur father land to enable the youth benefit from you and remember you as a one time MINISTER.
    Comrade uche Goodluck Okonji

  52. nedu apugo says:

    mummy Ng,u are really blessedd.may God continue to keep u.anytime u want to implement progrms that will positively change lives n u want honest n sincere minds call me aboard. more strenght to u.

  53. Ignatius says:

    I am short of words d only tin i hv 2 say is dat she is my role model

  54. ojuekaiye isiaka abidemi says:

    ma, May GOD Almighty be wit u and ur family, new strength and new thaugth shall be your portion.

  55. Ofuani Ngozi Emmanuel says:

    goodmorning ma,after going through your profile,i want to say a big thanks to you for your achivements in nigeria and outside the are a woman of high personalities,i respect u .

  56. Enweremadu Obinna says:

    Saying you have made debut is an understatement. D sky is ur stepping stone. Infact, with you, i dont only believe that what a man can do a woman can also do it. But, i believe that what a man can do a woman can it ‘MUCH BETTER’. Fly higher MAMA.

  57. Madukwe chioma says:

    Ma, u re too much i must commend. Am proud when i see African women contribute so much to the world. I pray for double portion of the anoiting in u, am pushing on in International Trade policy and law and pray to be a good international trade negotiator. I ll contribute my on efforts to the entire world in near future Just like u do. Well done Ma!

  58. Good day Ma,
    You are one of the best in the world, we are proud of you and wish that our women will learn from you to make our country a better place for all that live in it. We love you!

  59. I realy appreciate our mom ngozi but maryam wat man can do woman can do it but not better

  60. I want to be like you mommy ngozi

  61. Dada oluwarotimi says:

    Mummy you are a great hero ever. keep it up and God bless you ma.

  62. Nwador Onyeachonam says:

    Different mission, same great woman; I convey my best wishes to you as you hook back to reflect on your selfless service to humanity and your invaluable contribution to revamping and repositioning the fallen economy of our fatherland. Your competence is not in doubt as your past achievements speak well for you. I am proud to be part of your success story as an illustrious son of Ogwashi Uku. Indeed your life is worth celebrating.

  63. Mummy you challenge me day by day n also encourage me by your acts n works. You r indeed a role model to me n an icon to be emulated by the world at large
    keep the good work going, we r solidly behind u
    I as a person, I’m studying you like n following your part cos I wld love to be like you one day.

  64. Yimga loth says:

    Hi Minister, I am very surprise to descover you by net.
    With your simplicity, i Know from a Long Time, it was very impossible for me to emagine such a great wormien you weres. I just know naw that you ares one of the best of the world.
    All my congratulation. I am quite shure that good Will protect you to make envolve thé world.
    Long Long Time agoo, i was one of your driver in paris but i did´nt know you were such a great woman. I am naw proud to have been near of you.
    I am naw a V.I.P Driver in paris
    07 61 51 51 61

  65. Michael Grace says:

    Mummy, Am inspired by achievements,courage,your humility and respect for the Africa, most especially for our adorable country Nigeria in all i give thanks to the maker of heaven for all your achievements.Ma,your have proven to be an asset to this country in your generation and as a teenager am inspired and aspire to be like you please do put me and all the youth of Nigeria in your prayer so that we will do more to better Nigeria.Our FATHER LAND

  66. Marian-Stella Agbu- Araka says:

    Ngozi, I’m not surprise at all that you reached this zenith. We were school mates at Okohia & you manifested natural talent and wisdom. You were an all-round student and a blessing to your parents. Keep it up, I believe in you.

    Marian-Stella Agbu-Araka

    • Marian-Stella Agbu-Araka says:

      I’m not surprised! I’m not surprised!! I’m not surprised!!! Ngozi, Let me hear from you.

  67. mummy we are very proud of u.. keep it up

  68. peruvian says:

    We are very proud of u ma

  69. You will bring a turn around to the Nations Economy. I love your style

  70. Dan Umeh says:

    Dr (Mrs) iweala told the governors the truth they never wanted to hear about monies released to them. The level of wasteful spending at the state level is enormous. My worry is that a state like Rivers took it personal to attack the person of the Minister which is quite unfortunate. Governors should take the advise of the Hon. Minister and account for every kobo released to them. Keep your good work Madam.

  71. Bashar Yusuf Garba says:

    Dr Ngozi you really deserve to be the finance minister of this great nation, due to your humble experience you have gain over the years, kudus to you mum.


    Honorable Minister ma,you have indeed done so much for Nigeria,I appreciate all your good deeds,most especially,fighting very hard for the stability of the Nigerian economy from within and beyond.I pray for God’s exceeding wisdom to continually direct you.Ma, I am also using this medium to make a solemn request,that there are some youths in the Niger Delta region,who are living in abject poverty for the fact that,they are not privilege to have come out from rich families and are not even part of this on going amnesty program,but are ready to make something meaningful out of their lives,am also part of it ma,that’s why I know exactly where the shoe pinches.please MA we need some youths development and empowerment programs in my locality.therefore, the positive youths of Opokuma clan all in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State,plead for your intervention.I AM COMRADE DENGIYEFA EMMANUEL(secretary).here are my contacts,phone no, 08034403946,email, will be of a great honor to receive a positive respond from you.may God’s continues blessings remain with you,even as you reach out to restore those drowning generations back to life.


    mummy you are a gift from GOD , we all aspire to be like you. GOD help us. i love your profile. GREAT.

  74. Obike Anthony says:

    pls madam, i am Anthony by name, i am through with my secondary school and i made my waec, 9 credits i scored in my waec bt no money to continue pls madam, help me and my family. 08106798685

  75. godswill ayang says:

    Mama ngozi ur contributions to Nigeria and the world at large shall never b in vain only God will bless u abundantly.

  76. Mummy in deed, she is God sent says:

    Mrs ngozi is an important person.

  77. Bolutayo A. Daniel says:

    I luv diz. But u still hv 2 help Nigerians luk in2 education sector of diz gr8 country. And I pray God helps u. Amen

  78. Mercy Uchechi says:

    Ur luv for positivity wud kip u soaring Ma, more grace, as u continue to make a difference.. I luv ur zeal nd i admire ur personality.

  79. wal akindeyemi says:

    u are more than wicked to my own ministry which u are the chairman pls allow our boss increase our salary



  81. Nkiruka Anagor says:

    Ii is quite unfortunate that all Nigerians are not celebrating Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala the way its ought to be.
    Madam you are a blessing to Nigeria and the world. Please keep doing what you are doing and please do not pay attention to evil Professors and politicians. They are not in your class. God bless you more.

  82. Due respect ma




  85. imaobong john says:

    mum u r my motivator, I want to b d Ngozi Iweala of my generation. I want to take over d mantle and I won’t let u down. u r a difference maker. thanks. IMA john

  86. precious kehinde says:

    U r blessed ma, may u leave long.

  87. I want to say a big hallow to u…u hav made women proud…I luv ur style. ..I desired to be lik u…in d nearest future…I want u to knw dat many people luvs u

  88. She is really an African Queen. I hoe America will allow her rule the world Bank

  89. i really appreciate God for making you a NIGERIAN
    . my MENTOR may the good LORD strengthen you in all dat you do.luv u

  90. You are good

  91. Blessing Okamgba says:

    You are exceptionally good.

  92. I am always very happy whenever I see great women taking great strides. You a role model to many of us, the up coming generation of enterprising ladies & girls. Kudos ma & more powers to your elbow. Chichi

  93. iwaela may your days belong

  94. Wow!!! What an amazing testimony of a true Nigerian woman, the truth remains that you are a real genius, I salute you ma and I will tell my daughter about you and Dr Mrs Dora Akunyili in order for her to emulate. I cherish your profile ma.

  95. Justin Favour Nzubechukwu says:

    Goodday To You Mum Am Glad And So Excited For Your Faithfullness,kindness,love And Charity. I Pray That God Will Satisfy You With Long Life Amen (ps.91:16).

  96. Okpara chukwuemeka Dominic says:

    I wish I can be like you when I grow up!!!

  97. How can I meet you? You re my role model

  98. Ur blessed lndeed, u have proven that women can be at the top no Matter what happens, if only we can work hard and believe in our self we will surely get there some day ur my role model God bless u real good.

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