INEC Boss Chairman

Today, the body in charge of elections in Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) aborted the ongoing elections into the National Assembly of the country.

The commission Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega in a Press Conference announced the cancellation and attributed it to delay in arrival of some voting materials at polling centres and announced that the elections will now come up on Monday, 4th April, 2011.

Jega, while answering questions from journalists accepted full responsibility for the mess, though saying that INEC vendors were unable to deliver the materials.

In a swift reaction, the Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko described the cancellation as an embarrassment calling on the people to remain calm and go out on Monday to perform their civic right by voting for credible candidates who are ready to turn things around for better in the country.

Speaking to Eminent Leaders, Rev’d Dr. Oscar Egwuonwu, a politician and former gubernatorial candidate of Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) in Enugu State at the last general elections has called on Nigerians not to crucify the leadership of INEC on this issue. He opined that it is quite encouraging to find an upright man like Jega who can come out boldly to take responsibility for the mistake of his agency and refusing to tow the path of his predecessors who would have gone ahead irrespective of the situation and later declare concocted results. Egwuonwu still believe that a failure is a failure and that INEC has failed Nigerians again but expressed optimism that Nigerians will still go ahead and vote for their representatives come Monday.

Olumide Ogunkua, the Special Assistant to The Attorney-General of Ondo State, says the cancellation is a bitter pill to swallow judging by the enthusiasm displayed by the people today in their readiness to elect a new set of responsible leaders to represent them. He says it is painful that as a nation, it seems we are unable to get it right whenever the opportunity presents itself, lamenting why are we so blessed? This election has been described as the most expensive in the history of Africa. Why all this?

Several other Nigerians have expressed total disappointment in the development and the call for Jega’s resignation is mounting from several quarters, while some thought it could be the handiwork of those bent on rigging the election.


  1. Ikeanata chinaemerem says:

    My dearest profesor, i’m very glad 4 your actions towas the previous palamentary election, they say a good worth morethan treellions of money in the world. Remenber the lord has bless you that you might bless the hopeless, helpless,and less previlages. He has honoured you that you might honor others, elevat you that you might elevat the unelevated. He has given you solass that you might extend it to others. Now all Nigerians are stearing on you, all the world are watching you, any cadident that try to lobby you. Take it but let justice prevails 4 they say you can take a horse to the stream but can’t force it to drink. Let the choice of the masses be granted to them and let the devilish and selfish intrest of our arrogant leaders be ignored. Pls my dearest profesor the (Imo state) as a case study, take a looke in imo state and disscover the wishes of the masses who they want to rule them, for we are craying and overwailming about the previous government and calling for your rescure through the cadident of our heart. May almighty God strenghten you. Give you the courage and fourtitude to stand firm in this general election in Jesus name Amen.

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