Hon. Peretei, Ikantu Kennedy.

Hon. Peretei, Ikantu Kennedy – Chairman,

Ese-Odo Local Government Area, Ondo State.

–      A Miracle Worker in the Riverine

Chairman, Ese-odo Local Government Area

Hon. Peretei, Ikantu Kennedy

When his name was announced as the Chairman, Interim Management Committee, Ese-Odo Local Government Area, by His Excellency, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, Ondo State Governor, little did the people of the area knows that the desired Messiah has been delivered to them on a platter of gold. And on assumption of duty, tongues were wagging as to whether he would perform to expectation or not. But today, cynics and critics have been beaten to it. Hon. Peretei, Ikantu Kennedy performances which are unprecedented in the history of the area has earned him the appellation of “Miracle Worker” in the riverine and he has become a reference point in local government administration in Ondo State and beyond and also the talk of the town for Ese-Odo at home and in diaspora.

His achievements in Ese-Odo speaks volume and his style of administration is a reflection of his determinantion to serve his people. This must have been his reason to jettison his relationship with the People’s Democratic Party in the build up to the 2007 general election and pitch his tent with the Labour Party to the bewilderment of the ruling party then. The current jet pace of development in Ese-odo Local Government Area of Ondo State has turned to myth the erroneous belief by many in the past that the area is one of the most expensive and difficult area to develop, because of its riverine, peculiar geographical location.

Right now, in the local government, courtesy of Hon Kennedy Ikantu Peretei, Chairman of the Interim Management Committee, the unthinkable is happening, and the unlikely has become a reality, the impossible is now true. Since the advent of Labour Party, the inhabitants of these unique towns have developed themselves to withstand all the ecological, social, economical and political hazard common in the area.

The people of Ese-Odo now live happily and effective both on land and water. In fact, the area which used to depend on others now makes the people stronger and healthier right from the onset, Hon Kennedy Ikantu Peretei approach to upholding democratic concepts and value in administration and his commitments to the welfare of the staff and the people of the local government are manifestations of his vision and ideologies.

Hon Peretei is an embodiment of humility, a man of impeccable character, generous to the people and honest with government properties. He is a grassroots politician which probably accounts for his down to earth approach to issues. A man with penchant of excellence and never leaving anything to chances, he addresses all issues with the appropriate degree of attention and seriousness required.

As a committed hard working and enlightened manager of issues, his administration has restored the hope and confidence of workers by enhancing a free working relationship with the staff.

The people are delighted calling him “Government’’ “Ijoba” because he drives and serves the people with ease.

Hon. Peretei is happily married with children. He has also written many books and publications to include ‘Military Adventurism In Nigeria Politics’.


Hon. Peretei’s stewardship in Ese-Odo Local Government are;

ü  Building of 10 blocks of  20 flats of one bedroom housing units for local government workers to ease accommodation problems according to him, “workers’ welfare of paramount importance to my administration.’’

ü  Five blocks of 25 lock up shops at Agadagba-ogbon

ü  Two blocks of ten lock-up shops at Igbobini.

ü  Two blocks of ten lock-up shops at Sabone.

ü  Solar power borehole at Ipoke

ü  Solar power borehole at Ojuola

ü  Construction of new Universal Basic Education Authority Secretariat at Igbekebo.

ü  Six sides of 60 open wooden market stores at Ekpetonron,

ü  Construction of boats to ease transportation for workers from Igbokoda to Igbekebo.

ü  Construction of modern motor car park at local government secretariat Igbekebo.

ü  Public toilet at Arogbo.

ü  Purchase of lawn mowers.

ü  Distribution of relief materials worth 2.5 million naira to victims of rain storm.

ü  Renovation of chairman’s office.

ü  Renovation of conference hall.

ü  Renovation of chairman’s quarters at purchase of electronics.

ü  Renovation of D.I.G.A’soffice and purchase of electronics and generator.

ü  Renovation of treasurer’s office, and purchase of electronics and generator.

ü  Payment, student’s bursary to the tune of 2.5 million naira


Ese-Odo Local Government was created out of the defunct llaje-Ese Odo Local Government Area on 2nd January, 1997, with headquarters at lgbekebo, Ondo State by the General Sani Abacha Administration.

The Bitumen and oil-rich Local Government is made up of two major ethnic groups: the ljaw Apoi and Arogbo ljaw, who have similar historical antecedents.
The local government has a population of 154,978 with a large land mass and water. It consists of more than one hundred and twenty towns and villages covering an area of over 1,600 square kilometers. Ese-Odo local government has ten electoral wards, namely; Arogbo 1, Arogbo 2, Arogbo 3, Ukparamo 1, Ukparamo 2, Apoi 1, Apoi 2, Apoi 3, Apoi 4, and Apoi 5,. Some of the major towns include: Arogbo, Agadagba-obon, Ajapa, lgbekebo, lgbobini, kiribo, Sabome, lgbotu, lpoke, lnikorogha, Oboro, Awodikuro, lgangbo, Ebiaye, Dibigbini and other suburb villages.

Ese-Odo local government is located in the riverine area of southern Ondo State. It share boundaries in the south with the llaje Local Government, lrele Local Government Areas to the North East, Okitipupa Local Government Area to the North West. The local government also shares boundaries with Delta and Edo State to the South East. The Local Government is within the equatorial evergreen swampy forest which is drained by important rivers: Oluwa, Urogbo, Out, Oputoru and Opuakpatakubu etc which of transportation between the people and other area.

The Local Government has two major paramount rulers. These are: The Agadagba of Arogbo and the Kalasuwei of Apoi. Apart from these paramount rulers, there are also other important traditional rulers like the Tarabiritoru of Arogbo, Egbeghene of Akpata, Nein-abiri-Toru of Opuba, lginabou of Ajapa, Takunbe of lkpoke, Odogun of lgbekebo, The Niyon of Kiribo, The Jowe of lnikorogha, The Olu of lgbobini, lbini of Ojuala etc.

The main occupation of the people of Ese- Odo Local Governmet is fishing. However, subsistence farming is practiced by the kiribo people, others include: building, Gin Distillation, Timber felling and Lumbering, Palm wine tapping, mat weaving etc

Ese-Odo people are rich in culture which they ofter diplay at festivals. The  people also have unique and peculiar indigenous music, such as Biripo, Owugiri and Adigidein genres of music.
For instance, the ljaws display most of their creative and artistic prowess through mat weaving, canoe carving walking sticks. The people have a distinct dress code which is quite different from the popularly known Agbada and Aso-Oke in the state. The men dress in a very unique way, they tie wrapper, reaching below the knees and specially sewn shirt reaching from the neck to the upper parts of the legs, which is usually designed at the front and back with golden or silver buttons and chains always matched with hat.

The Local Government is blessed with abundant mineral resources some to be exploited. These include bitumen, silica sand, kaolin etc.

The Local Government has abundant economic potentials.
A, Canoe carving
B, Ogogoro/Alcohol Distillation and palm wine tapping
C, Palm-Oil producing mill at lpoke and Ojuala.

Ese-Odo Local Government is administered by an interim management committee, headed by Mr. Kennedy lkantu Peretei, an Astute politician and pace setter. He is one of the leading lights of grassroot  Journalism in Nigeria. He is supported by eight supervisor, all appointed by the Ondo State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko. The civil Servants are headed by a Director of Loca Government Administrator (DLGA) who is the main link between the Politician and the Civil Servants.

A great part of Ese-Odo Local Government Area is approachable by water. All the Apoi towns are accessible both through land and water while the Arogbo Areas are only accessible by water.

The Local Government Area is very active in Sports, excelling in many tournaments. For instance, the council won twenty one gold medals, seventeen silver and eleven Bronze medal for the Okitipupa zone during the just concluded 9th Ondo State Sports Festival. The Local Government contingent also won 3 gold medals at the Ebosu swimming competition held in Lagos on September, 2009.

Before the advert of the Peretei administration, Ese-Odo Local Government was replete with cases of kidnapping and militancy, but peace finally came during this administration with the Federal Government Amnesty programme. Even before the surrender of arms by the militants, Mr Kennedy Peretei engaged them in meaningful discussion that brought about peace in the Area. During a tour of the troubled areas the militants made the suggestions as to the way forward and those thing they required to bring them out of the creeks. To a large extent the chairman rose to the occation and peace has returned since then,

1.  Mr. Kennedy Ikantu Peretei, Chairman
2.  Mrs Olukemi Peretei, Chairperson
3.  Hon. Stanley Elemi, Sup. For Special Duties
4.  Hon. Felix George, Sup. For Political & Chieftanicy
5.  Hon. M.A. Asogbo, Sup for Agriculture
6.  Prince Juba A.A. H.P.M. Ese-Odo L.G.A
7.   Olajide lsrael Oladipo, DLGA
8.    Hon. lsreal Emokenighan Timi, Sup.for Works
9.    Hon. Olatunbosun M.Odele, Sup. For Sports & Youth Affair
10.  Hon. (Chief) E.l. Yanboh,Sup. For Health
11.   Hon. Grace Adeyorinju, Sup. For Women Affairs & Youth Empowerment
12.  Prince Olabode S.O (JP), TLG
13.   Hon. Rufus Omotayo, Sup. For Education
14.   Mr Success lkiyouleimo Odogbo, Chief Press Secretary to the Chairman Ese-Odo LGA

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