1. Hamisu salisu katsina says:

    Mr. speaker congrant. I wish u all d u take over wit bissimilahi. I wish u 2 hand over wit Alhamdulila. Bisalam


    we the crew of applause Africa congratulates on your new appointment, we believe God that u will make Nigerians proud . thanks

  3. Kabiru shehu says:

    Our speaker we are congratulate as our leader.may Allah(s w t) help us

  4. Abdulazeez tajuddeen gambo says:

    Tambuwal go on God is wit u

  5. Halilu musa says:

    I thank GOD 4 having u as our speaker may ALLAH (s.w.t) protect 4rm d enemies attack ameen.

  6. ihenebiri ugonna says:

    Congratulate u de new elected speaker Hon.Aminu waziri T. Sir I wish to say my mind mostly hw u present n handle issues. May God continue to bless n empower u.Amen

  7. Yusuf garba sani jby says:

    Hon being u as muslim u have to fear Allah in all ur affairs.

  8. Suleiman Garba B/kebbi says:

    Alhamdu lillah. Wotever Allah has destined i bliv no living being can change it. And u shall continue 2 reign ur tenure of office as u surpass ur peers. Allah ubangiji shi taya ma riko, shi tsare imaninka, shi sa abokan gabanka kunya, shi tsare ma kujerar ka, shi kuma sa maka albarka. Wanga addu’a ce daga dan dangin Yar maniya wanda ke Tambuwal. Bissallam!

  9. Fadugba Olaniyi Olaoluwa says:

    For d 1st time on this day,8th of January,2012 I bcame so very proud of the Honourable House under d Leadership of Tanbuwal where d true voice of the Nigerians were spoken and our fate really decided(precisely on d fuel subsidy removal).I watch these guys debate and I bcame so proud as a Nigerian.I made a conclusion that if really this is what legislation is all about,then we have a future in Nigeria.I just pray The Executive arm of this govt won’t confuse us more than they alreay have. Thank u.


    The actuality of character of a capricornian would have been a menopause of reality if you were not voted in as a Speaker and in agreement with the masses.

    The brevity of which you have shown since your existence in a little sought for town of Tambuwal has bought my well reserved and preserved accolades.

    The catastrophe of excellence we are experiencing in the Nation diarrhoed the led down principles of our founding youghanut thereby exposing our individual-good-intension into hurricane of unrealistic metapsychoprogrammic vision and dreams.

    Be that as its may, my respectable and only Distinguish Honourable, I strongly pray you live long to assist excavating the existing gigantic hook worm- corruption paralyzing our Nation using your swingless scapula whose dense brevity can pilot the affairs of the poor masses in the Nation

    I am delighted to realized you were born on my date of birth. Therefore I enthrone and entrust my life to your Heroic and Mentoring and unreservedly accept you with grave auction and confidential attitude as my Mentor , hero, character director, principle manager, policies evaluator above all , my spiritual and mental coordinator.

    I humbly seek your blessing to be like you in strength , principles, brevity and in success-line. I cried with hope to one day have a privilege of sharing a table of joy with you in our Birthday.

    Long live my Honourable
    Long live my Hero
    Long live a reserved Capricornian
    Long live Hon. Tambuwal

  11. hassan bello malami says:

    hmm! d great tambuwal we ar proud of you, keep it up.

  12. approve asup strike to enable Nigerian students continue their study please.

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