Comrade. Dr. Ncholas Kemi Nshe, (FCIM)

Comrade. Dr. Nicholas Kemi Nshe, (FCIM)

Executive Chairman, Shendam Local Government Area, Plateau State

Comrade Nicholas Kemi Nshe

Comrade. Dr. Nicholas Kemi Nshe, (FCIM) the Executive Chairman of Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The Chairman, who also doubles as the State Chairman of ALGON, was born on February  28, 1965 in Shendam. He started his elementary education in 1972 at T/RCM Primary School, Shendam, where he graduated in 1978 after his first school Leaving Certificate. Later in 1980 he enrolled at the Teachers College, Garkawa for the Grade II Certificate and graduated in 1985.

“Anyone who stops learning is old; whether at twenty or eighty,’ said Henry Ford. This was one of the maxims of young Nicholas as he was not content with his teaching certificate. He proceeded to the College of Health Technology, Zawan and in 1995 obtained the National Diploma (ND) in preventive Medicine; and two years later was back to the same college for his Higher National Diploma (HND) still in preventive Medicine.

A hard working and foresighted fellow, Comrade Nicholas Kemi Nshe joined the Shendam Local Government Education Authority as a class teacher in 1987 and two years later, he was elevated to the position of Assistant Headmaster. In 1990 he became a Headmaster with the same Local Government Education Authority till 1993.

Due to his dual professionalism (a teacher and a health worker), he was in 1993 employed as a Health Officer-in-Training in Local Government Area. In 1995 he became a Health Officer-in-Charge of Onchocerciasis till 1999 that he was appointed the Local Government Co-coordinator, Nigeria Guinea Worm Eradication Programmer.

A diligent and responsible gentleman, Comrade. Nshe has almost throughout his life held one position of responsibility or the other. And on each occasion, he has never failed. Between 1990 and 1992 he was the Social Director, Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Shendam Branch and between 1995 and 1996, he was the National public Relation Officer of Goemai Youth Movement Comrade Nshe was the President, National Association Of Plateau State Students (NAPSS), College of Health Technology (CTH), Zawan, between 1996 and 1997, the same period he was the Deputy Speaker, House of Parliament, NAPSS National Body.

In 1997 he was elected Secretary General, Students’ Union Government, CHT, Zawan till 1998 when he was elected the vice president of the NAPSS National Body as well as the president of SUG, College of Health Technology Zawan till 1999; and between 1999 and 2001 he was the Secretary, Medical and Health Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MHWUN), Shendam Local Government Area. Between 2000 and 2001 he was the Plateau State Secretary of the same Union.

Until his election as the Sehendam Local Government Council Chairman, he was the Deputy Chairman Plateau State Youth Council, Shendam L.G.A; Chairman, MHWUN, Plateau State Council, and Chairman Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Plateau State Chapter.

In recognition of his commitment to the course of the people at the grass root, he was Honoured by many Governmental and non-governmental organizations such as:-

1. Grass root Ambassador –    By National Agency for Food Drug Administrative and Control (NAFDAC) 2009

2. An Icon of Hope  –               By Shendam ‘A’ Level Association (Salsa) 2008- 2009

3. Most Outstanding Chairman on the Maintainace of Peace and Security-    By Senate Committee on Police Affairs

4. Ambassador of Grassroots Sports-   By Civil Engineering Federation Headquarter Abuja 2009.

5. Award of Excellence –        By Civil Engineering Students Association Plateau State Polytechnic Barkin Ladi

6. Nigeria Best Performed Local Government –      By Concern Media Abuja

7. A pillar of youth –        By Nigeria Association of Political Science Students University Jos

8. Peace Keeping Award-     By Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students Uni. Jos

9. Development of Education in Nigeria   –  By National Association Nigerian Students Students (NANS)

10. Exemplary Leadership –      By West African Students Union 2008-2009 Leadership               Union Parliaments Appraisal.

11. Honorary Doctorate Degree in Public Administration –    By All Saints Youth University of America.

12. Positive Contribution of Wisdom to the Growth of the Youth –     By Catholic Youth Diocese of Shendam (Youth Organization Of Nigeria)

13.     Ambassador of   Creative Mind –         By COCIN Salvation Secondary School Shendam

14. Fellow Certified Institute of Management –    By Certified Institute of Management Institute of  Management Nigeria

15. Distinguished Local Government Chairman for the Provision of Democratic Dividends –                 By Senate Committee on State And Local Government in Collaboration with  Segnip  promotion.

16. Epitome of Development –                   By National Association of Plateau State Students (Plateau State Polytechnic Barkin Ladi)

17. Most Active Local Government Chairman in Nigeria –   By Student Union Government in  Plateau Sate College of Agric, Plateau State Garkawa.

18. Award of Excellence –    By Batch ‘C’ Corp Members Shendam Local Government Council

19. Esteemed Leadership And Outstanding Contribution in the Expansion of God’s Kingdom Campaign 2009 –                By Nigerian Baptist Convention

20. Awards of Excellence –               By Association of Resident Doctors,

In Health Care Delivery              Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH)

21. Epitome of Truth in the Society –            By National Association of Plateau State Students

22. Most Reliable ALGON Chairman–                           Forum of Nigeria Councillors

23. Most Outstanding chairman in North Central Nigeria –                     National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS)

With no doubt, Comrade.  Nicholas Kemi Nshe is a complete ‘servant who has shown on several occasions what leadership is all about and the pedigree he is made of



Before the 1976 Local Government Reforms, which created Shendam Local Government, it had been for many years the headquarters of the low land Division, which was headed by a Division Officer, (D.O).

Shendam, popularly referred to as the Home of peace and Hospitality, is situated about 155km south of Jos, the headquarters of Plateau State. It covers a land mass of about 2437sq. km and a population of about 208,017 made up of 109,519 males and 97,498 female; as recorded in the 2006 population census. The Local Government Area shares common boundaries with Quaan Pan Local Government Area to the West, Mikang L.G.A. to the North and Langtang South to the East. It also shares boundaries with Ibi Local Government Area of Taraba, and Awe Local Government of Nasarawa State to the South and South West respectively. It is a belt of low lying land and is thickly covered with economy trees. It is traverse by many streams and rivers which could be utilized very effectively for fishing, agriculture and transportation. It has a relatively high and low temperature during the day and the night respectively. The hot and humid weather condition coupled with the general rich soil enhance the growth of food crops such as yams, rice, millet, beans, cassava, etc. Apart from the aforementioned crops, the Local Government Area is also blessed with abundant mineral resources such as salt, gypsum, clay, sand, hard rock, etc, deposited around the following areas Derteng, Jayu, Duam, Japshen, Shargang, Tengzet, Dungoeshing. These mineral resources abound in large quantities waiting to be tapped by potential investors. Tourist attraction centers found in the area include: Npol lake in lukushi Jelbang Rock, Nroam lake, Shendam dam, Doeben, Shargang, Kurwat, Shepwan, Gonvel, Goesa and Ka’anjen ponds.

The area is inhabited by the Goemai whose predominant occupations are farming, fishing, and rearing of livestock. For administrative convenience, the area is divided into four Districts each headed by a District Head: Shendam District headed by Miskoom Leonard Shaiyen, Derteng  District headed by Miskoom Njim Yunkwap, Dokan Tofa is headed by Miskoom James La’ankwap while Dorok District is headed by an acting head Miskoom Pringkwap Maigari. The entire Goemai nation is headed by a first class chief Miskoom Hubert Shaldas II, OON who is also the Deputy Chairman, Plateau State Council of Chiefs. Because of the peaceful and hospitable nature of the Goemai other tribes such as Mupun, Kwalla Berom, Mushere Hausa Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba and a host of other tribes settle peacefully with the Goemai.

According to Horace Mann, “It is well to think; it is divine to act well”. Comrade Nicholas Nshe Kemi, the Executive Chairman of Shendam Local Government Area, has thought and acted well. His landslide achievements, within his short period so far in office, have confirmed Tommy Lasorda’s words that, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination”. And to better confirm this, the people’s chairman, unlike many of his contemporaries who assumed positions of leadership without a defined vision, Hon. Nshe wrote out his vision, just as the Bible instructed. His vision, reads in part, “A purposeful government determined to deliver the dividends of democracy to its people” come true.


  1. Ayuba majidadi says:

    I have never seen people who are inhospitable and beligerent as the goemai because they are feeble minded and all they want is an advantage to use and exercise their tyrany.

    • Its quite unfortunate that a faceless person is calling the goemai Nation inhospitable, I am Goemai and am proud to be one, except that we goemai people are only hospitable to real people not faceless and unidentified nonentity like your self, so be conscious of that @Ayuba

  2. Ghelshik Godwin Jatau says:

    Congratulations, to the shendam LGA Chairman: Comrade Dr.Nicholas Kemi Nshe, for a job welldone.

  3. Comrade Nshen, I am not surprised with the feat you have achieved. What do I wish a good old friend like you than long life and ship loads of goodluck.I lost contact with you. My phone got missing. Connect me back on my mail. Welldone!

  4. Corper chioma says:

    …May almighty GOD bless and protect u 4 wounderful work u hav been doing in shendam..

  5. Tuosuk Basil says:

    1 gud term deserve another,more grace 2ur elbow 4reviling d secret dat whre heding.u hv done wat is beyound expression,dat is hw democracy is supose to be.may u live long 2 fulfil ur vission God hv destined u wit.


    Mr.Chairman,no doubt,you are a man of great vision,character,personality, lofty dreams and ambition.I am not surprise at the progress you are making and the impact you are making.Continue to shine,the world is yet to see your full manifestation.

  7. Bisai Ade says:

    mr chairman, ur doing a gud work, for ur peaple in shedam, only God will reward u.

  8. Sylva Tsenlong says:

    Bringing the goemai of shendam,Quaanpan, mikang,langtangsouth and Awe in nassarawa state together to d glory of Goemai land,pls Goemai should lov each other.GOD BLESSED goemai Nation

  9. Maurice Milat says:

    Mr. Ayuba, mind you it’s becos of the inhospitability of the Goemai people that the majority people in Goemailand are not Goemai. Stop been unregreatful.

  10. May the almighty God blesses u. Don’t give muslem chance pls.

  11. Sylva Tsenlong says:

    I am proud of my chairman.Nicholas kemi Nshe For not only making shendam a city after jos,bt for his kind n protect of d Goemai land in time of security not only d Goemai bt others.tank u N.k Nshe.God blessed shendam lGA

  12. puntel candida says:

    mr chairman,i am commending you for all the good works you have being doing in shendan local government may Almighty God continue to keep and bless you and your family.

  13. Clemmie Blindt says:

    Thanks david for your kind advice, I highly appreciated.

  14. Tuosuk Basil says:

    my honourable chairman u have done well more than u promise us! i plead wit u to advice baba Jang he is failing us totally can there be peace in plateau state as we know before? y cant we setle the in deference now? money dat are suppise to be used in executing projects creating job opportunities are now used for releaf materials day in day out; what a country abeg God may u intervent biko

  15. M. A. Agulu says:

    God has penciled you to be the rescue of his people in Plateau State not only Shendam LGC. you Shall become the Governor of Plateau State with no Distance time. My only prayer for you is long Life.!

  16. pastor emmanuel simon says:

    i live in army barrack shendam,from 1982 – 1992 shendam is a very peaceful place to live i also school at pla, insti,of secartaries (pis) i therefore recommend shendam local govt to all investors

  17. pastor emmanuel simon says:

    i stayed in army barrack shendam,from 1982 – 1992 shendam is a very peaceful place to live i also school at pla, insti,of secartaries (pis) i therefore recommend shendam local govt to all investors

  18. pastor emmanuel simon says:

    i stayed in army barrack shendam,from 1982 – 1992 is a very peaceful place to live i also school at pla, insti,of secartaries (pis) i therefore recommend shendam local govt to all investors

  19. Hon. Comrade, keep on with the good work that you have started not minding what people says about you or your administration. only God can judge your did KUDOS….

  20. Kenneth kwapvel lawrence says:

    There is a need for every goemai man to start asking question. Question such as why are we not united, where we lost the tract, what causes our problems and what are the possible solution? Than gibbering like birds

  21. Goemai,a tribe on the plateau which is blessed with technocrats,legal luminaries,educationists,admistrators,architectures,and on and on but we lack in my words:.(1) Unity( 2)Love and Encouragement (3)Charisma and Selfless Service,togetherness.Inview of the above GREED AND ENVY.If all the aforementioned are ruled out and the high and mighty in goemailand come to the drawing board and re-stratigize and support the only one man standing Dr Comrade Nicholas N Kemi to rebuild the walls and eroded ruins of the land distroyed by corrupts sons of shendam one time in power.N N Kemi more grease on ur shoulder keep the TEMPO.

  22. Hon. Nshe is a different politician that, if not the type of unfortunate entity call nigeria should be called to head a strategic post to the benefit of all nigerians, but allowed only in shendam to perform to the detriment of other nigerians who should benefit from this young man’s charismatic leadership. SHD. People are too lucky to have this type of person only to themselves. Nshe Kemi is a national asset therefore, may God protect him & sit him on the proper chair designed for him. A golden fish has no where to hide. Continue with ur large heart & never snubb anybody because most people that comes around u are God’s angel.

  23. i am living @ unguwan pama long goemai way i wish my chairman 2 be d next governor of d state bcoz of his had working an making peace and unity among his sir consider our people(muslim)with necessary asistance such as indegine form etc bye 4 nw

  24. philips todyen says:

    just as francis have said of the sons and daughters of goemai . what have we done with all the blessings we have got, instead greed, selfishness, and political miscalculations is the order of the day as the “SHALL KA YIL MEN”. is just a lip service, as what we are witnessing now is “SHALL DE BET” the goemai as a tribe and leaders of the sixties are better than the present crop of leaders we have, therefore ,there is need for the goemai race to sit down and talk to chart the way forward .

  25. M M Sule says:

    Envy is the hallmark of our disunity, God place a leader at a time then replace by another whom He chooses at His appointed time. Support & you will be supported too when it is your turn.
    Above all, let us be serious & faithful to our GOD.

  26. Tuamyen Sabastine says:

    Goemai land have suffered heroes error some times ago but this is the new face of the future we saw in the face of nshe kemi and we are with him and I recommend you mister chairman for hardwork keep it up.

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