Why are you leaving me? This is a question many people have said, while some are hitching to say it.

It is amazing most times we do not receive a clear, concise answer, and sometimes it is tactfully dodged. Several partners dilly dally on it, they recite a break up reason which has been practiced over and over.

Before this time, let see what happened. Hmm! Who is at fault? If you expect me to put the blame on

any of the party then you better back off now.

I will however suggest clues.

relationship questions

As you may know we communicate verbally and non verbally, the choice of communication, the mode, manner and medium most times influences a relationship. A couple that communicates could find their breakthrough or woes in it. Finding a perfect choice does not solely rest on your instinct or past experience. You can switch roles to imagine yourself has the other party before and after communication. However pay attention to details before, during and after.

You can add your comment to add to these thought or refute it.

Failure to connect with your partner is very disastrous; it is like a plane without a co-pilot. You should at all time endeavour to identify with your partners interest and passion, however these should be done with caution.

Clear your doubts by asking questions from your partner, do not and i say again do not come to conclusion before getting the answer, be slow to judge, do not pass blames for mishaps unto your partners remember it could be you.

Avoid actions that could generate unnecessary suspicion by your partner, and please to do not assume he/she understands. You must know these: though your partner might not take such actions serious immediately, it could become serious when an issue arises. Such actions could be a dot that connects others.

Needless to say it hard to understand the thought of man has regards this topic. We are a complex being with several attitudes and characters. There are several reasons and unanswered questions. If you have more input kindly suggest by making a comment below.


  1. ojo ronke says:

    communication is most vital in any good relationship. If that is settled the relationship would be worthwhile

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