The political debate,power shift and Nigeria at 50





Considering the fact that Nigeria possesses an array of great minds and people of sound

intellectual capacity, I sometimes find some of the things we debate very sickening but I reckon

that everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. One will, however, expect that some issues we drag

for a long time, celebrating them as it were, will be totally discarded and thrown in the waste can

of non-issues. It is in the light of this that I will like to make comments on the on-going debate of

power shift from the South to the North.

Without any prejudice to the argument by a school of thought that the evasive power, that

is much-talked about, had dwelt for so long a time in the North for it to return that quickly;

 I will want to corroborate the idea by a select few that leadership should be based purely on merit

from but one of your capabilities to deliver once you have it thrust on you.

Much more than this, however, I will say I accept that in the Nigeria of today, there must

indeed be power shift. First, we need vast majority of the down-trodden masses

largely by the same set of people from independence till now (at least from 1966); a situation

where, up till now, the same set of people has been determining who rules, irrespective of what the

people stand for even at the polls. We must indeed have a change of baton to the basic ideals of a

society, for the people are the whole essences of the society.

We must return to the very reasons that form the basis of the society & the government – the government is simply the political structure put in place to achieve the aims of the society.

Second, the power shift needed today in Nigeria is Power shift from Knowledge-based leadership

supreme in the leadership of our beloved country.

Mediocrity, not in the fact that they (the present crop of leaders) have not gone to school but in that they have not

been able to translate this (knowledge they have acquired) into purposeful leadership by transforming the nation with

her vast resources.

 You know that does not know how to read’

having been to school but not being able to appropriate it makes them not any better. Furthermore,

many of those who parade themselves as our leaders do not, in actual fact, know the essence of the

society as well as the essence of the government and what is required of leaders & leadership.

Many of them are also not in terms with the dynamism of leadership & governance. It is still

business as usual.

These crop of leaders power must shift

I grew up to know a country totally abused and disenchanted. And ever since, year in –

year out, things have only taken worse dimensions but I strongly believe that if we all, the civil

society, can work together to effect the inevitable power shift(s) enumerated above, we will have a

nation we can be proud of, the Nigeria of our dream, the New Nigerian Nation.

in a noble society, aspiration to the. It should not be an issue of where you comePower shift from the very few ruling cabal to the. In my humble estimation, we have been ruledPower must lie in the people.mediocrity to a. It is a common knowledge that mediocrity thrives and reigns‘he who does not read is in no way better than he who, and that’s why they can be regarded as run of the mill becauseBut now, we need leaders with ideas and ideologies. And it is to.



National Co-ordinator, emancipation-Nigeria Project (e-NP)

Kaduna, Nigeria

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