Governors That May Not Return In 2011

Governors That May Not Return In 2011

Aliyu Shinkafi, Alao-Akala, Patrick Yakowa others top the list

Out of the 36 serving State Governors in Nigeria many may not return to their seat of power come 2011. Reasons behind this might not be far from failure to win the confidence of the people, emanating from lack of performances and mainly because of many political miscalculations, policy summersault, and failure to continuing getting the patronage of powers that be and godfathers.

Top on this list is:

Aliyu Shinkafi, Zamfara State Governor:

His sins and obstacles:

  1. Ahmed Sani, Yarima Bakura factor – Former Governor, Zamfara State and now Senator. This Apostle of Sharia will do everything possible on earth to ensure that Shinkafi did not win 2011 elections for so many reasons. He was not only instrumental to Shinkafi’s emergence as Zamfara State governor in 2007 elections but single handedly imposed Shinkafi on the people, even against the wish of the leadership of his party then, as Yarima blatantly declared Shinkafi, then his Deputy, as heir apparent to occupy his position as far back as 2003 immediately he was sworn in.

Now, the two doesn’t see eye to eye anymore. Shinkafi’s confidence is based on power of incumbency, having all the State apparatus at his disposal. His second option also lies in pitching his tent with PDP, the party at the centre and also notorious for its ability to win elections at all cost.

Meanwhile, Senator Sani Ahmad, Yarima Bakura, still enjoys his popularity as the Apostle of Sharia among the people of Zamfara State and also his monumental achievements while in office between 1999 and 2003.

  1. General Ibrahim Babangida factor: Presidential aspirant and a major protagonist of the zoning formular and supporter of power must remain in the North.

Aliyu Shinkafi’s marriage to the one of the daughters of this General is now looking him at his face. The marriage which was early seen as a good political move by Shinkafi may now be another obstacle to his second term ambition owing to the ambition of his father-in-law, who may be forced out of PDP anytime from now if President Jonathan Goodluck still insists to contest under PDP. General Babangida is been linked with move to a new political party in order to join forces with other northern leaders to ensure power did not leave the North come 2011.

  1. President Goodluck Jonathan factor: Incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Should Jonathan declare his ambition to contest as President in the next general election on the platform of PDP, then all Governors in the Northern geopolitical zone are in for a serious electoral headache and maneuvering because it would be suicidal to contest for any gubernatorial seat in the seven states of the North West geopolitical zone of the country as the people of the zone will feel they have been shortchanged by PDP.

This will definitely lead to new political alliances and re-alignment in the zone, a move that will only favour all other parties except PDP.

Adebayo Alao-Akala, Oyo State Governor:

His sins and obstacles:

  1. Senator Rasheed Ladoja factor – Former Governor, Oyo State. Former boss of Alao-Akala has not forgiven him for the takeover, which he considered as an act of betrayal and breach of trust. Ladoja and his teeming followers are hell bent on chasing Akala out of Agodi Government House at all cost. They are battle ready to make him pay for the sin of his late godfather, Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu.

Ladoja is banking on the support of Ibadan elites who are clamouring for a son of the soil.

  1. PDP in-house fighting factor: The in-house fighting in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Oyo State is another threat to Akala’s ambition. Rumour has it that the national leadership of the Party is ready to dissolve the State Exco of the Party. Akala’s sin in the PDP was caused by his hard stance on the non-implementation of the Ekweremadu led reconciliatory committee resolution.

Few hours ago, Akala was in a show of shame at the National Secretariat of PDP during the NEC meeting, where he threw caution and courtesy to the wind by confronting a statesman, Alhaji Yekini Adeojo, who was unperturbed by all Akala’s vituperation.

  1. Ibadan/indigenous factor: The Ibadans are out again for a repeat of the 1983 showdown experienced by Late Chief Bola Ige. The new song on the lips of Ibadan indigenes, propelled by the Olubadan-in-Council, is “Omo wa ni eje ose”meaning he is our son, let him do it. Akala is not an Ibadan man and has never enjoyed the patronage of the Olubadan, and now the Ibadans want one of their own to take over. Ladoja and Adewusi are both Ibadans. His battle with Alaafin is another obstacle to his ambition.
  2. AC factor: Adewusi, a former Commissioner in Lagos State is now in the hot race and looks very strategic under the banner of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and banking on the premise of been an IbadThis Apostle of Sharia will do everything possible on earth to ensure that Shinkafi did not win 2011 elections for so many reasons. He wan man. He will definitely give Akala the battle of his life with the backing of the Asiwaju, Ahmed Bola Tinubu as evident in the last election in Osun State where Rauf Aregbesola fought Oyinlola from all fronts.
  3. 5. Workers Apathy: This is definitely not a good time for Akala’s led administration in Oyo State as the entire teachers are on strike in his State. His sin is the non payment of Teachers Salary Structure increament agreed upon by Nigerian governors Forum. Akala is threatening to sack all the striking teachers, where this will help him to win the next election is of great concern.


  1. Liman mohammed says:

    YES! YES!! YES!!! all is true about what will and will not happen but we are still for getting about the so called NIGER STATE Governor,so called (THE SERVANT LEADER,PEOPLES ELEPHANT AND ALSO TALBAN MINNA) for GOD sake what has he done to better the people of NIGER STATE, who is he supporting? What makes him think he’s going to win the 2011 poll come January 2011? Lets say the truth i’m looking forward to see his own part (misleading)the people of NIGER state.IS HE A TRUE SERVANT LEADER?

  2. Zayyanu sani zamfara says:

    Yes truth is biter, certainly zamfara governor by God will , should’t return to his….. Due to misdeed & hardship he made to zamfarawa people. Nothing good in ur region except maltreating & suffering the masses, therefore we are praying for positive change in 2011 poll.

  3. Abdullahi Rabiu says:

    Well, i advice all well meaning zamfara indigene,not cast their vote on government of failure,govt. That can not fullfil its promise,govt.that brought poverty,govt.that can not pay its workers.remember shinkafis led govt is a betryer and God will never forgive those who cheat on others unless they repent and reconcile with those being cheated or the will never find zamfarawa dont enter the wrong train of p.d.p in gusau bail your self out from the bondage of four years.LONG LIVE NIGERIA,LONG LIVE ZAMFARA STATE

  4. ibrahim sani nahuche says:

    let pray to have a good leaders not looter those who will do good to their people of zamfara state and intire nigerians

  5. Biodun Olumilua says:

    things are changing now,no one knows what will happen next.

  6. Alh Lawal Dan antu says:

    Ahmed Sani Yarima can not do anything to stop Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi from coming back to Zamfara State Government House bcos MAS has done to the progress of Zamfara citizen and sharia, create capital projects that are beneficial to people in which Yarima has not done that only lootting and deceiving people with sharia and….!

  7. shehu sanusi says:

    tanx god in zamfara,a n p p is back 2 gov’t.

  8. Ubaidullah yahaya kaura says:

    Zamfarawa start craying we loose our great gov.mahamud Aliyu dallatun zamfara.mas mas mas dawo dawo muna sonka.

  9. Zamfarawa don’t be wory coz a.n.p.p hv done wrong tin during election nd investigetion show’s tht. ‘yan uwa zamfarawa mamuda kamar ya dawo insha’alla


    Shehi will not govern our state becouse he is own educated, but dont worry zamfarawa MAS Will be back very soon.

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