Since the exit of Shehu Musa Yar’adua and the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan, the only burning and relevant issue in our polity has been the undeclared ambition of Jonathan for 2011. And that Jonathan’s ambition has generated more than enough controversies is definitely an understatement, but the unrevealed character of this man still leaves much to be desired and knowing exactly what Jonathan stands for.

From independence to date, Nigeria’s Political health has been worsened by several blunders of the past and today, especially when it comes to selecting the person to lead as President or Governor.

While it might be difficult to judge rightly the mood and tone of our country’s pre independence electoral processes and elections, I feel at home and comfortable to evaluate the most recent electoral process between 1990 till date and draw a conclusion that we are blessed with uneducated electorates, who never care to whom and where their votes goes to, but join the band wagon to sing praise of whomever sits on top of the nations treasury.

The 1990 electoral process, credibly managed but damaged by Ibrahim Babangida, birthed MKO Abiola versus Tofa, ending with the annulled June 12, 1993 election, which remain IBB’s political albatross.

Abdusalami Abubakar managed the 1998 electoral process that gave us Obasanjo while Obasanjo gave us Yar’adua and yar’adua’s demise heralded Jonathan ascendancy.

Between these two electoral processes was Abacha’s five years of military rule. His ambition to transform to civilian president left the nation in nearly this same mood, as the five registered political parties declared that he, Abacha, was a consensus candidate and the only living Nigerian then that can move Nigeria ahead, not for any reason but because he was the incumbent then. To many unsuspecting observers then, the attitude and utterances of the politicians then, coupled with the adoption of the Late general was thought to be forced on politicians, but who is forcing Jonathan now?

Of all the mentioned processes, who out of all ever had individual plans, principles and intentions of what they want(ed) to do for the nation, apart from the philanthropic MKO Abiola, whom fate never allowed the opportunity to clinch the post. MKO Abiola, from his hard earned money and wealth, touched and impacted positively many lives, especially the commoners in his private capacity.

In his lifetime, Abiola was a colossus, philanthropist par excellence, a successful international business mogul, with sound academic track records, unwavering and highly principled personality, even the international community would have felt the heat of his presidency (if it had been) due to his pursuit of reparation.

Obasanjo, before he came back to power, was known as a man that would do anything to uphold the unity of Nigeria. His passion for the continued existence as one single country stands him out as a detribalized Nigerian. This he also extends to the stability of other African nations as he nurtured the African Leadership Forum in his private capacity.

Although, he represents more than that, he is a bully, no nonsense individual, who never hide his enthusiasm or apathy on any issue, be it local, national or international. All these attributes were nevertheless clearly displayed during his eight years of presidency, even though he came from prison to presidency without a well thought out plan or ideology on how to move the country to the next level.

The late Shehu Musa Yar’adua was another honorable gentleman from an aristocratic background. Before taking over the reins of leadership from Obasanjo, Nigerians knew him to be an unassuming man made of steel with a contrasting mien, not generous with public fund and very hesitant in administration even his failing health condition was not a mystery.

Now that some sections of the nation wants Jonathan to continue, as it is usual with Nigerians since he is the one that sits on the wealth of the nation presently, the question is “Who is Goodluck Jonathan and what does he stands for?”


That exactly the name he was known with before he turns President to acquire ‘Ebele Azikwe’. He is a lucky young man from Niger Delta, one time deputy Governor and later Governor of Bayelsa State; former vice President and now President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Jonathan’s ambition is that of a man with unknown psychology, unknown agenda and interests. No one can actually point to what makes him thick or what he abhors. He is just a simple individual with a faceless worldview.

Has he any ideology? What are his plans to take the country from its state of comatose judging by his antecedents, if he has any! What are his philosophies concerning rule of law and governance? Any point agenda?

If elected President, are we not going to be stuck with an unknown President that will just earn his salary, use and waste the precious slot of the South-South geopolitical zone?

Jonathan has been in the public for over eleven years and the public radar has failed to capture who this man is and what he represents? What are his achievements in Bayelsa and even as President? What are his values, missions and intentions for the people of this great nation?


  1. adekunle samuel says:

    leaders of our great country,Nigera.please …don,t sell ur dignity

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