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Jay-Z Turns Billionaire By 2015

Jay-Z Turns Billionaire By 2015 Entertainment icon, Jay-Z, hubby of Music Star Beyonce Knowles, has been listed by world renowned Forbes magazine to become a Billionaire by 2015. The Hip-Hop mogul is one of 15 entrepreneurs Forbes magazine predicted  to make the billion dollar list by the year 2015. Jay-Z who recently made the newest 2011 […]

Is fighting part of relationship?

(Whenever you fight, fight fairly) Adejoke got married to the love of her life after seven years of courtship. The marriage was a huge celebration, in fact, friends and family were all happy because they eventually got married. Barely a month into the marriage, Adejoke paid me a visit and after talking for a while, […]

Who is your favorite African soccer star?

We love them, they are spectacular, they  have conquered in their sport and today they are stars. It is not surprising to know that most legends in sports started training in their chosen sport from childhood, and got their big break before the age 25. [polldaddy poll=”3797962″] We also seen and heard of great names […]

Survival in Nigeria, the plan, the crack and the fix.

I Believe We Can Do Something Being the text of the speech by the project initiator at the inauguration of the emancipation – Nigeria project on the 28th of June, 2003 at Ota, Nigeria Emancipation-Nigeria: The Vision The vision is clear. It is to salvage Nigeria from the state of coma and precariousness that it […]

How Nigerian Politics Changed Overtime.

THE CHALLENGES OF DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA by Olutosin Ogunmola Being a contribution to the paper on the challenges in modern democracies: towards a national democratic philosophy for Nigeria Definition & Description Modern democracies practically refer to democracies in the developing countries as against the old democracies of the European States and the United States of […]


GOODLUCK AND THE BURDEN OF CHARACTER Since the exit of Shehu Musa Yar’adua and the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan, the only burning and relevant issue in our polity has been the undeclared ambition of Jonathan for 2011. And that Jonathan’s ambition has generated more than enough controversies is definitely an understatement, but the unrevealed character […]

The political debate,power shift and Nigeria at 50

      THE INDISPENSABLE POWER SHIFT Considering the fact that Nigeria possesses an array of great minds and people of sound intellectual capacity, I sometimes find some of the things we debate very sickening but I reckon that everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. One will, however, expect that some issues we drag for […]

About Jimoh Ibrahim & More on CAC Clash

JIMOH IBRAHIM & CAC COLLIDES: When Chief (Dr.) Jimoh Ibrahim was inaugurated as the Chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission on Tuesday, 28th April 2009, little did the staff and management of the corporation knows that one day they would be on collision course with him. Today, the managerial acumen and entrepreneurial expertise of Jimoh is […]