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Governors That May Not Return In 2011

Governors That May Not Return In 2011 Aliyu Shinkafi, Alao-Akala, Patrick Yakowa others top the list Out of the 36 serving State Governors in Nigeria many may not return to their seat of power come 2011. Reasons behind this might not be far from failure to win the confidence of the people, emanating from lack […]

How do I know if I married the right person?

Sometimes ago a lady once asked me a question. “She said, “How do I know I married the right person?” I looked at her; I said “it depends.” I use to know a quotation, by Sheri and Bob Stritof “I did not always think he was not right nor did he always think I was […]


Have you ever come across this in your endeavour?   “ALFARMA TENDENCY SYNDROME” is a slogan in local parlance but generally known as favouritism.   The vice has posed a lot of treat to our co-existence and also enhance hatred between tribes in the country. If not curtailed or eradicated will lead to the disintegration […]

Globally Recognized Eminent Leaders

Great men are known through their great deeds. Time will fail us if we have to start naming them one by one. There is so much to say about these men. In no small way they have impacted lives.

WYCLEF to become the next President of Haiti.

Though of little experience in politics, Wyclef flew out of his native Haiti on Friday as clouds gathered over his presidential bid announced some hours earlier.

Unwilling Presidents

Now is time to choose another leader, and it is not funny to realize that of all the possible candidates for next year’s general election in the most populated black nation of the world, the one whose ambition is generating controversies all over the country is that of the seemingly unwilling President